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Billing Portal

Users use this web app to pay for invoices, manage their subscriptions and account information.



Bullhorn is the leading ATS (Application Tracking System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for staffing agencies. 

Before this billing portal, physical checks and phone calls to accounting are the predominant way of paying for invoices for Bullhorn's clients.

My Role

This project was outside the product roadmap. It was part of a billing practice overhaul led by our internal finance and IT teams.

With the help from the project manager from the IT team, I functioned as both the PM and designer on the team. I collected requirement from internal stakeholders, interviewed users, researched similar solutions, designed the site, worked with an offshore development agency to implement the design, and collected feedback after launch.

Design Process

With both business needs and users needs in mind, I created a feature list and site map. I used mostly components from the design system to quickly prototype the site, and tested with users. I iterated the design based on both internal and user feedback, and finalized the design.

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